Social Heroics is more than fashion, it is a lifestyle of individualism with a cause. The Social Heroics brand is worn with pride by individuals who live to make a positive change in the world. Each and every garment and fashion accessory carries with it an idea to make the world a better place. Individuals who wear the Social Heroics products are changing the world by both spreading the idea and contributing to a cause they are passionate about. Please visit our blog and learn about causes where a small contribution can make a big difference.

Social Heroics offers two classes of products, “company branded” and “cause focused”. Company branded products promote the “social hero” who lives to create positive change in the world. Cause focused products leverage the Social Heroics brand to advance social causes and social entrepreneurship. Causes fall into key categories including education, ecology, and humanity. The Company prefers to endorse causes suitable for micro-finance or otherwise where a small contribution can have a large impact so that each product purchased has a real impact in the world. Other causes the Company chooses to endorse include global problems where activism and education can bring about needed change. The Company’s products are targeted toward youthful consumers with the purpose of raising awareness of the power of altruism and instilling those values at a young age.

As a premium brand, Social Heroics will employ bold messages, with strong graphic design and typographic elements to create a cool look that will be desired and emulated by the youthful consumer. The art work, styles, and fashions will draw from current trends in pop culture and continually adapt to new trends in pop culture. Social Heroics will be the premier brand of the “young social entrepreneur”.


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