Social Heroics Design Challenge

How it works

Social Heroics is accepting submissions for art work to be used on its products. The Company will review all submissions and curate a selection of works to post on its website for market acceptance testing. Artists are encouraged to “like” their submission via the Facebook link and to ask their friends to like their submission. The curated works shall be open for comments and “likes” on Facebook. Submissions receiving significant likes will be evaluated by the Product Development team for final determination of its fit with the Company’s product line. Artists shall be notified if their submission has been selected for product development and shall be required to sign documents assigning ownership to Social Heroics in conjunction with compensation of $100. To participate in the Design Challenge, Artists must be 18 years of age or have the consent of their parents and be legally able to execute a transfer of ownership. Submission artwork should be in low resolution JPG or PNG format. Artwork selected for product development must be provided as high resolution files (see specifications below).

Artist shall be compensated ($100) for use of their artwork on Company products, whether in its original form or in a derivative work. Artwork selected for product development shall become the property of Social Heroics. Social Heroics may, but shall not be required to, include attribution to the artist. Social Heroics may modify, change, alter, enhance, and develop derivative works without restriction. It is Social Heroics intention to provide artist attribution for artwork used in its products. The attribution may take the form of the artist’s signature or facsimile placed on the artwork. Artwork which may be heavily modified as a derivative work may not carry such attribution when the Company feels the derivative work is not representative of the artist’s original artwork.

This Design Challenge (“the Challenge”) shall remain open until such time as the Company may decide to create a new challenge or discontinue the Challenge. There is no limit to the number of submissions which may be selected for product development; however, the quality and content of the submitted work must meet a standard for production which the Company plans to elevate as more submissions are selected and developed into products.

About Social Heroics

Social Heroics is more than fashion, it is a lifestyle of individualism with a cause. The Social Heroics brand is worn with pride by individuals who live to make a positive change in the world. Every garment and fashion accessory carries with it an idea to make the world a better place. Social Heroics offers two classes of products, “company branded” and “cause focused”. Company branded products promote the “social hero” who lives to create positive change in the world. Cause focused products leverage the Social Heroics brand to advance social causes and social entrepreneurship. Causes fall into key categories including education, ecology, and humanity. The Company prefers to endorse causes suitable for micro-finance or otherwise where a small contribution can have a large impact so that each product purchased has a real impact in the world. Other causes the Company chooses to endorse include global problems where activism and education are needed to bring about needed change. For every “cause focused” item purchased, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the cause.

Individuals who wear the Social Heroics products are changing the world by both spreading the idea and contributing to a cause they are passionate about. The Company’s products are targeted toward youthful consumers with the purpose of raising awareness of the power of altruism and instilling those values at a young age.

As a premium brand, Social Heroics will employ bold messages, with strong graphic design and typographic elements to create a cool look that will be desired and emulated by the youthful consumer. The art work, styles, and fashions will draw from current trends in pop culture and continually adapt to new trends in pop culture. Social Heroics will be the premier brand of the “young social entrepreneur”.

Please submit your (low resolution) artwork to the Challenge using the form below:

You should design your original artwork on a canvas 13.5″ wide by 16.5″ tall at 300 dpi (4050px wide by 4960px tall) with a transparent background. Once your design is complete create a low resolution file sized to 816px wide by 1000px tall. Although we accept jpg file formats, file types with transparent backgrounds (png) work best.

Please use this form to submit entries for the Design Challenge
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Acceptable file types: jpg, jpeg, png.
Maximum file size: 500kb.